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red mercury
red mercury
red mercury

We’re a Premium wholesaler and retailer of Pure Red Mercury Online. We supply Pure Red Liquid Mercury of great quality. Our Pure Red Liquid Mercury, is highly demanded by industries world over to produce a wide variety of products. It is high-grade & and perfectly composed of Pure Red Liquid Mercury. Pure Red Mercury ships worldwide with a 100% guarantee of delivering your product on time. Red Mercury is a cherry red liquid produced by irradiating mercury antimony oxide with elemental mercury. We have been specializing in mercury products for an extended period now, and we truly understand what you need as a customer. After many years of dealing with mercury, our workers are very experienced and knowledgeable. They will offer free consultation on anything you want to know in a friendly manner. Contact us today and make your order.



  • The red liquid mercury is a semi-liquid material, cherry-red. 

  • The intensity of red mercury is very high, 20.2 g/ cm3. 

  • Other name: Cherry Red liquid mercury 

  • Formula: Sb2O7Hg2+O 

  • Appearance: Cherry Red metal liquid 

  • Application: Mainly used in rocket, missile, and military prospecting areas. 

  • Molecular Formula: Hg2O8Sb2 

  • Type: Pure red mercury 

  • frame: Sb2O7Hg2+O 

  • Quality: Fluid, Semi liquid 

  • Purity: 99.9999999% 

  • Color: Ponceau (Cherry red Homogeneous ) 

  • Density: 20.2gram 

  • Gamma value: 0.44 - 0.56 

  • MG: 196.01 + _0.02/moi water content 

  • Form: Liquid scroll-like 

  • Colour: Cherry Red 

  • Molar mass of Hg2Sb2O7+O is 772.6996 g/mol 

  • Net Weight: 2050-gram sealed customized packaging

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red mercury
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